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Basically, we could do the dishes and be very entertaining at the same time. Yes, we don't have limitations to what we are willing to do. But we do this because we believe in what we are creating, developing or consulting.

Velox Lentum Edit



New business development, expansion and exploration of new markets, products and services. All broadcast related. 

We do go that extra mile to move away from the meeting rooms and drawing boards. Bringing it to the next level, not only by being genuine and challenging a game to change. Bringing, in this context, really means to go operational, execution and taking developments to the point/level where it was always meant to be. 

 Whatever we develop, we also float.



Creation ranges from format development to the creation of new formats in the broadcast market.


Our broadcast experience ranges from traditional outlets to all types of online and social content. Our focus is on the viewers, members and listeners of these channels; target oriented and target specific transitions are the key focus areas with which we find ourselves to be most familiar.


We understand the different and channel specific transmissions, furthermore we understand the power of demographics and a so-called 360 degree helicopter view. 

Whatever we create, we believe in.



Responsibility in combination with consultancy. Not to step in and take over is a lesson we have  learned from our vast experience.


We try to walk the fine line between being hands on and taking you by the hand and guiding through the way we believe is the right one. All the time ensuring we do not ‘take over’ but do the job together.

We are great listeners,  have an eye for noticing the unnoticeable and switching between live operation and back to the drawing board comes to us naturally.

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