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Joost Roset (49)


Owner and Founder



Water is refreshing, with great spirit, and keeps on streaming through the tube. The tube keeps it all together, surrounding the stream a firm base ensuring the stream keeps on moving forward.

This strong force relates back to the founders of Watertube, entrepreneurs Joost Roset (the Netherlands, 1968) and Markus Kark (Germany, 1974). Both are long-time broadcast professionals with their career started in mid '90's with entertainment and sports productions. Both have a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Their careers moved forward towards leading positions at main players in the fields of Esports and Entertainment. Being successful in General Management, yet also challenging boards with an original and game-changing point-of-view, the next logical step was to found their own company. 

Because creativity needs to flow, Joost and Markus moved into strong leadership roles -doing things their own way. Transparent, original, ensuring they are up-close & personal, interactive and communicative. 

Watertube focusses on Esports Media Productions, -management, -bundling and- structuring. Instigating Fine Arts , Music, New Media and Business development Projects and initiatives. This ranges from rolling out new start-up companies to the restructure of existing companies. All activities are broadcast related. But don't be surprised if they just simply approach you with a new idea. An idea, what they themselves can realise.


Because creativity is 5% of the job, the majority can be translated into pure sweat. Which consists mostly of water.

Markus Kark (43)


Co Founder



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